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An easy-to-search database for all of your gif and reaction image needs, focusing on things that you'll actually find useful to use in your text posts. I try to tag everything with everything I can think of relating to its fandom, situation, emotions, and so on to make it easy to find what you're looking for.

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    Quand je pense que demain, on commence à 8h avec 4h de bac blanc philo.
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    besides making out with Sam and Gollum
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    Seriously, one day I’m going to count how many times Frodo collapses throughout all the films because I feel like that’s...
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    Quand on me donne mes objectifs de l’année au boulot.
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    2 mots, un cauchemar: demain, partiel.
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    Like seriously. Look at that faint.
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    Me these 2 weeks.
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    Quand on découvre la grille de match et que l’on commence le championnat par la plus grosse équipe.
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